• Lyndal, Emerald, Ava & Ross at "Greystoke"
  • Ross Fitzgerald and Lyndal Moor at Catalins's on Valentines Day 2019
    Ross Fitzgerald and Lyndal Moor at Catalina's on Valentines Day 2019
  • Ross with comedian Barry Humphries. Sydney 2019.
  • Ross's 74th birthday
  • Ross & Lyndal celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary
  • Ross with Archibald Prize winning Australian artist John Olsen
    Ross with Archibald Prize winning Australian artist John Olsen
  • Lyndal, Emerald and Adrian with our grandchild, Ava
  • Ross's dog Maddie
  • Ross and Lyndal's 40th anniversary
  • Daughter Emerald with our grandchild Ava
  • Ross becomes a member of The Order of Australia.

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Re Ross Fitzgerald & Ian McFadyen: The Ascent of Everest : a four boxed set,  Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne, 2024, $49.99.

‘I reckon I laugh out loud at least once on every page, it’s bloody brilliant and hilarious!

Brendan Clarke, leading Australian jazz musician.’

Check the page: https://www.hybridpublishers.com.au/product/the-ascent-of-everest-boxed-set/

HYBRID PUBLISHERSPO Box 52 Ormond VIC 3204Australia

Tel: (03) 9504 3462See our website at:https://www.hybridpublishers.com.au


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THE ASCENT OF EVEREST (BOXED SET) by Ross Fitzgerald and Ian McFadyenHybrid Publishers, 2024ISBN. 9781922768278RRP: $49.99 (PB)Reviewed by Rocco Loiacono

The four novels of the satirical series concerning Professor Grafton Everest, a rambunctious, overweight, fictional academic written together by Ross Fitzgerald (emeritus professor of history and history) and Ian McFadyen (of the Comedy Company fame) have now been published as a boxed set so that readers can chart from start to finish the uproarious story of how this hapless, work-shy anti-hero made it from a provincial Australian …

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[17 Jun 2024 | No Comment | ]

The Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024 is set to be debated and voted on in the Senate on June 24. If the Senate bill is passed, Australia’s eight state and territory parliaments will each have to pass corresponding legislation. If they don’t, the survival of Australia’s restrictive approach to vaping is doubtful.

The federal Health Minister, Mark Butler, is leading these de facto prohibition changes.

Australia began restricting nicotine vaping, a much safer way of taking nicotine than deadly smoking, in 2011.

Since then governments have intensified the …

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[29 May 2024 | No Comment | ]

The Muddle-Headed Wombat Abroad

Matthew WhiteQuadrant, June 2024 pp 81-84

Is there any point in being a satirist in the postmodern world, especially in present-day liberal democracies? How can one create a sense of just ridicule of social and political conduct when the daily newsfeed promises to produce examples that are more absurd than the satirist’s imagination, leaving even his or her best work the loser in a sinister game of psychic one-upmanship?

Who can better as satire the Prime Minister refusing to comment on his telephonic argument with Father Frank Brennan about …

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[27 May 2024 | No Comment | ]

‘Waggy Bill’ (William Norman Kerrigan) funeral service,10.30am Tuesday 28 May, 2024 at  St Mary’s Church, Manly.

   As a  long-time member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I would like to pay tribute to ‘Waggy Bill’ (William Norman Kerrigan) who was a great help to me and to so many other alcoholics, especially to newcomers.

Although he took some time to stop drinking, Bill was one of a kind. 

As a  member who would have been 60 years sober on 28 May, the day of his funeral, he was a fine example of AA in action.

In …

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[16 May 2024 | No Comment | ]

Jailing of whistleblower a travesty

As Wilcox’s fine cartoon makes clear (Editorial cartoon, May 15),  the sentencing in the ACT Supreme Court of military whistleblower David McBride to 5 years and 8 months imprisonment is an utter travesty.

   It is not only a serious blow to justice and democracy,  but  such a punitive prison sentence sends a powerful message of deterrence to  any potential whistleblowers in the future.

   Surely it is well and truly time for federal Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, to intervene? I  can testify that Mr McBride is a person of good …

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[12 May 2024 | No Comment | ]

Launch of The Ascent of Everest : The Outrageous Adventures of Grafton Everest by Ross Fitzgerald & Ian McFadyen.(Hybrid Publishers, Melbourne, $49.99)

The Olsen Gallery Woollahra, Sydney 6pm May 9, 2024.

Tuesday morning, when I was stumbling around Surry Hills, a middle-aged woman asked: “Are you Professor Fitzgerald, author of the Grafton books?”

After I responded “Yes”, she said , “You look much better on the television!”

When, as many people do, she then inquired, “Is Grafton you?”, I responded : “Of course not. He’s what I could become if I let myself go!”

But …

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[1 Apr 2024 | No Comment | ]

The #MeToo predictor: How Grafton Everest is always one step ahead

Who knew when Prof Ross Fitzgerald created his fictional character Grafton Everest to satirise Queensland politics and academia that Grafton would go on to conquer the world in novels that predict waves of key events.

We find it fascinating that however fanciful the satire, it so often gazumped by political and academic reality.

The first Grafton novel, Pushed From The Wings (1986) predicted the rise of the Me-Too movement in academia and the growing dependency of universities on full fee-paying foreign students.

In Busy in the …

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[11 Mar 2024 | No Comment | ]

Fred Paterson & the St Patrick’s Day Bash

When the ‘people’s champion’ got walloped 

Fred Paterson… on March 17 1948, Australia’s only Communist Party MP Fred Paterson was smashed from behind by a Queensland policeman.

 By Ross Fitzgerald

As we approach St Patrick’s Day, politically aware readers should know that in Brisbane on March 17 1948, Australia’s only Communist Party MP Fred Paterson was savagely smashed from behind by a Queensland policeman. 

Prof Ross Fitzgerald.

Some time after it occurred, this attack on Paterson became known as The Great St Patrick’s Day Bash. 

Yet most Australians, including a …

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Friends  FYI the first review of Rowan Dean’s bio of Barry H. cheers Roscoe 0419 661869


The last laugh: The unforgettable and irreplaceable Barry Humphries

Rowan Dean’s book about the late great Barry Humphries is as edifying as it is entertaining

Written by Phil Brown

Barry Humphries and Ross Fitzgerald lunching in Sydney – a photo from The Many Lives of Barry Humphries by Rowan Dean

Phil Brown



It’s still hard to believe that Barry Humphries has left the building (a euphemism for the planet) for good. Mind you, he had a pretty good innings. An …

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[7 Mar 2024 | No Comment | ]

Politicians at every level need to lose their booze
Ross Fitzgerald
Last week on Brisbane radio I briefly canvassed a proposal that all our state & federal parliamentary buildings should be alcohol-free zones. 
At first glance, this might seem to be either outlandishly radical or an example of wowserism.
But it’s important to note that in 2024 many workplaces involved in critical decision-making processes are now required to be alcohol-free zones.
For example, health professionals throughout Australia are required to be alcohol and drug free at work. 
Indeed a senior nurse at a major hospital informs …