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[27 Aug 2022 | No Comment | 16 views ]

Ross Fitzgerald & Neal Price, MY LAST DRINK : 32 stories of Recovering Alcoholics, (Connor Court,$29.95)
One of our regular contributors, Ross Fitzgerald, is recovering nicely from open-heart surgery. Having spent several weeks in hospital, he’s now at home, and he appreciates all your good wishes. He isn’t slowing down on the book front, having recently completed the editing, with Neal Price, of ‘My Last Drink : 32 stories of Recovering Alcoholics’ (Connor Court, $29.95, available now). As the blurb notes, the notion of “last drinks” long ago entered the Australian …

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[30 Dec 2021 | No Comment | 47 views ]

The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age
The Lowest DepthsRoss Fitzgerald & Ian McFadyen, Hybrid, $24.99

reviewed by Cameron Woodhead
Riffing off The Lower Depths – the Maxim Gorky play about being down and out in Russia – the latest Grafton Everest novel sees our mock-hero on assignment in Moscow.
This time, Grafton’s breathless incompetence is required by the United Nations. His mission? To expose electoral fraud in Russia. He does have an ulterior motive – he’s found a decades-old letter from his mother to someone in the Soviet Union, suggesting that …

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[28 Nov 2021 | No Comment | 60 views ]
The Lowest Depths

A riotous work of comedy – full of twists and turns that would put an Olympic gymnast to shame
The eighth book in the Grafton Everest series is back in the hands of the prolific and visionary author Ross Fitzgerald, teamed up again with comic genius Ian McFadyen, and sees the hapless ex-President of the Republic of Australia, Dr Professor Grafton Everest, caught up in a web of international espionage and intrigue that he is hopelessly ill-equipped to handle.
Abandoned to his own inadequate devices when his wife Janet departs on a world …

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[20 Aug 2021 | No Comment | 55 views ]

Monash University News Snippets by Michael Headbury, 20 August 2021

Greetings all,

Ross Fitzgerald’s latest book “50 years Sober: An Alcoholic’s Journey” (Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne).

Ross began his stint as an undergraduate in 1962. Obviously a very bright lad who topped every subject in his first two years. He has written 42 books including “My name Is Ross”; fiction (rather naughty) featuring the character Grafton Everest; and many notable non-fiction historical texts which established him as a leading Australian Historian.

His latest book is scary and focusses on his challenges from Melbourne High days …

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[28 Jul 2020 | No Comment | 157 views ]

‘Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic’s Journey.’

by Ross Fitzgerald, Hybrid Publishers, $27.50.
Reviewed by Rama Gaind
It’s realism at its starkest. “The reality is that if I hadn’t stopped drinking and drugging at twenty-five years of age, I wouldn’t have made twenty-six”. This is Professor Fitzgerald’s 42nd book and an updated edition of his 2010 memoir ‘My Name is Ross.’
Ross Fitzgerald, an Emeritus Professor of History and Politics at Griffith University, has been a successful academic, writer, reviewer and commentator in the media. He acknowledges that it remains a daily battle to remain …

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[30 Apr 2020 | No Comment | 448 views ]

Re Ross Fitzgerald’s memoir FIFTY YEARS SOBER.

From Hybrid Publishers in Melbourne

“With alcoholism one of our major public health issues it’s an important book that may shine a light for those still suffering and their families.”

–Phil Brown, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail, 21 March 2020

“… a valuable handbook for the alcoholic who wants to stop drinking.” –Richard Whitaker

“By turns sad, ironic, disturbing and sometimes amusing, this is the ultimate sobering read.” –Steven Carroll, the Age 18 April 2020.

To celebrate 40 years of sobriety, Ross Fitzgerald published My Name Is Ross (2010) – the …

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[29 Apr 2020 | No Comment | 361 views ]

Fifty Years Sober : An Alcoholic’s Journey

by Ross Fitzgerald – Hybrid Publishers, Melbourne, $27.50

Alcohol sales have reportedly risen dramatically since everyone is staying home. Unfortunately, for those addicted to alcohol, it can be a life-long struggle not to drink. As Ross Fitzgerald clearly explains in his new memoir ‘Fifty Years Sober : An Alcoholics Journey’, it’s not a matter of willpower; it’s important to get the right support – and Ross pays exclusive tribute to Alcoholics Anonymous in keeping him to the straight and narrow.

“When he was 20 and …

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[27 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 255 views ]


FYI : This version of my letter appeared in today’s Australian Financial Review.

Given the lifesaving work of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA should be regarded as an essential service and its meetings still be open to its members.

Otherwise many alcoholics and other addicts will fall off the program

Surely attending AA is more important than attend the hairdresser!

Ross Fitzgerald,

Redfern, NSW

The Australian Financial Review, 27 March 2020, p 35.

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[21 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 541 views ]

Professor Ross Ross Fitzgerald’s 42nd book, a memoir, FIFTY YEARS SOBER : AN ALCOHOLIC’S JOURNEY (Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne, $ 27.50) is now available.

FIFTY YEARS SOBER by Ross Fitzgerald can be purchased as a paperback and an e-book direct from Hybrid Publishers in Melbourne, and from the distributor New Holland.
Best wishes, Professor Ross Fitzgerald AM

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[3 Nov 2019 | No Comment | 338 views ]

In this 7th book of the highly acclaimed Grafton Everest Series, our indolent hero, Professor Dr Everest, former lecturer in Lifestyles and Wellbeing at the University of Mangoland, is surprised to find himself President of the newly minted Republic of Australia. He is also concerned when he learns that, due to a drafting error, it is to be an American-style executive presidency. Luckily he manages to avoid any actual work or duties, save heading the newly created Department of Wellbeing, and leaves on a goodwill tour of the United States.
Here, …

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[29 Oct 2019 | No Comment | 142 views ]

‘The Dizzying Heights’

   by Phil Brown

How often do you laugh out loud? Not often I’ll bet. But we need to, it’s good for you, according to ‘Reader’s Digest’. That magazine’s ‘Laughter, The Best Medicine’ is famous.
There was also a bloke called Norman Cousins, an American political journalist, author and professor who famously cured himself of serious illness in the 1960s by taking vitamin C and laughing his head off while watching endless comedy shows. Cousins was portrayed by actor Ed Asner in a 1984 television movie, ‘Anatomy of an Illness’, …