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[29 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

Ross Fitzgerald hails Anderson Dawson, political trailblazer and leader of the world’s first Labor government
This week is Kevin Rudd’s Labor government’s first birthday. Whether it will form part of Australia’s collective political memory is as yet unknown.
Certainly Barack Obama’s historic American presidential victory means that, throughout the world, Tuesday 4 November 2008 will be forever etched in the global consciousness.
But there is another historic date which deserves to be remembered, and that is 1 December 1899, which heralded the world’s first Labor government. Believe it or not, this occurred in …

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[17 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

IN a democracy, losing an election often makes the losing side feel like dropping its bundle, which of course it shouldn’t.
Being in Opposition comes with its own set of expectations and responsibilities. A strong Opposition is a vital counterpoint to any government and if it isn’t constantly probing, even attacking, it can allow a government to become weak, inefficient and out of touch. Consider the case of NSW. Would Labor still be in power there if the conservative coalition had spent more time in the past decade fighting it, rather …

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[10 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

THE recent review of the Northern Territory intervention and the recommendation to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the NT were welcome news to the vast majority of Aborigines in Australia, who lead ordinary lives and who are not drunks or child abusers.
The suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act affected Aborigines living outside the prescribed areas just as much as those living in them. It damaged their self esteem and public standing around the country by saying they were so remiss in their roles as parents, guardians, friends and neighbours, …