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[27 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,189 views ]

Australia’s unique natural environment has always engendered human responses to perceived threats to it that are themselves unique. Australians regard our island continent as a special biosphere; it is distant, even disconnected, from the rest of the world. This is but an echo of the primal isolation fear that has always found expression and a political constituency in settler Australia. It’s like whistling in the dark.
Worse still, part of this isolation response has always expressed itself in measures to regulate — where they cannot eradicate — feared risks of contagion …

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[26 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,700 views ]

Manningham City Council Gallery, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Melbourne, 6.30 pm Thursday February 26, 2009
As if my wife of 35 years, the ex Australian model of the year Lyndal Moor, and my own good self, didn’t feel old enough already, the New South Wales premier, at Parliament House, launched GROWING OLD (DIS) GRACEFULLY to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Seniors’ Week!
Yet one of the advantages of being seniors is that we can say what we like – which is precisely what Lyndal and I and all other contributors have …

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[23 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,260 views ]

PETER Costello’s chances of heading the nation should have been extinguished, not because he failed to grab the shadow treasurer’s position offered last week or because he continues to posture around his backbench pew like a Morris dancer, every time there’s a leadership issue in the Coalition. No. He’s blown it via a video featured on YouTube, which has shocked many loyal Liberal voters who are left wondering what the hell he stands for these days.
I’m referring to Costello’s videoed Australia Day address to the Catch The Fire Ministries. There …

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[20 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,034 views ]

Some influential but fundamentally misguided Liberal party politicians and conservative commentators maintain that during the 2007 election, Kevin Rudd sold himself to the Australian public as John Howard-lite and therefore won the approval of the so-called ‘Howard battlers’.
The argument goes that Kevin Rudd morphed into John Howard and, for that reason, the Liberals should now move to the right of the political spectrum in order to differentiate themselves from the Labor federal government. It is a simplistic argument that is not supported by the evidence.
Kevin Rudd made no attempt to …

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[10 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 918 views ]

THE speculation about a March state election has reached fever pitch in Queensland. It seems likely Premier Anna Bligh is preparing the groundwork to send Queenslanders to the polls in March, six months early.
There will be many excuses given by the Government for the early election but none will stack up. The ALP Government has a large majority in the one-house Parliament and there are no Queensland-specific reasons for a poll. Indeed, the latest Newspoll suggests that the Government would be easily re-elected.
So there is a strong argument that, …

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[5 Feb 2009 | One Comment | 1,548 views ]

‘Sex is still the leading cause of pregnancy,’ quipped Frederica Mathewes-Green on the ‘Wild Words from Wild Women’ desk calendar the other day. It was a timely reminder that for all the moral panic over cybersex and modern reproductive technologies, your basic garden-variety sexual encounters are still like shares in BHP. They’re blue-chip human behaviours that can always be relied upon to produce the goods and consistently engage people.
It’s also a reminder of the fact that sex underlies all religions and cultures, because without it there is no civilisation. And …