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[27 Sep 2010 | One Comment | 2,229 views ]

Source: The Australian

PEOPLE are wondering whether Julia Gillard is up to the challenge and what the past three months have been all about.

The media coverage of Rudd’s first trip overseas as Foreign Minister rivals the breathless reporting of his travels as prime minister.
But the fascination with Rudd is more a reflection of the policy paralysis gripping Gillard back home than anything Rudd is likely to achieve overseas. …

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[12 Sep 2010 | No Comment | 1,624 views ]

THE stages of Barry Humphries is an utterly engrossing biography of Australia’s greatest comic genius. Anne Pender’s prose style is often one-dimensional and rather bland yet, curiously, it offers a highly effective counterpoint to the astonishing material that comprises Humphries’s life and work.
John Barry Humphries was born in suburban Melbourne on February 17, 1934, to Eric and Louisa Humphries. The young Humphries was brought up in an upmarket housing estate that his father was instrumental in constructing. Deeply middle-class Camberwell was a “dry” suburb in which, by law, there were …

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[11 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,845 views ]

Her political inheritance was replete with riches but the Queensland Premier has squandered it
ANNA Bligh is only surviving as Queensland Premier because there is no one else willing to lead the ALP into near certain defeat at the next state election due in 2012. The Bligh government is a political disaster lurching from one terrible poll result to the next.
There is no doubt the poor standing of the Bligh government was a significant contributing factor to the ALP’s poor showing in the federal election. Based on a post-redistribution assessment, the …