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Sex Party: NSW Senate candidate Ross Fitzgerald not what you’d expect

11 May 2016 317 views No Comment

Sex Party: NSW Senate candidate Ross Fitzgerald not what you’d expect
MAY 11, 2016 5:06PM

Prof Ross Fitzgerald said he believed he was a perfect fit for a party whose motto was Your Life, Your Choice.

FORGET whips, chains and strippers because the Sex Party has just come of age — literally
He may seem like an unlikely Senate candidate for the Sex Party but Ross Fitzgerald thinks he might just have what it takes to pull it off.
The author, professor and father of a grown up daughter reckons he’s a perfect fit for a party whose motto is ‘Your Life, Your Choice’.
As a former of a member of the Queensland Parole Board and then the NSW State Parole Authority, the 69-year-old believes he’s the ideal candidate to bring about prison reform.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most out-there political parties, the party faithful will tell you they’re about more than just sex.
Unveiling his campaign launch, the New South Wales Senate Candidate, Prof Fitzgerald outlined how his party could make a difference in an election dominated “by two loud parties and the silent Greens.
The secularist, broadcaster, historian and social and political commentator wasn’t shy about his criticism of religious institutions arguing their massive tax breaks could be used to fund holes in the Budget.

“I believe that church law must not infiltrate our democratic secular laws — whether it is same sex marriage laws, voluntary euthanasia or censorship laws, he said.
“I am standing as the Sex Party’s lead Senate candidate in NSW because I want to support a situation in which God botherers and bureaucrats have no right to tell you how to live your life or me how to live mine.

He also took a swipe at the Greens who “hypocritically joined forces with the Coalition to change the Senate voting system to make it more difficult for minor parties to be elected, ignoring the fact that the were once a minor party themselves.

In launching his NSW campaign Prof Fitzgerald said it would highlight five main policies including taxing all religious institutions, support for same sex marriage, support for dying with dignity, along with prison and drug reform.
“As the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual abuse has shown, religious institutions must come under the secular law — and that includes paying rates and taxes like everyone else, he said.

Prof Fitzgerald also said it was an utter disgrace that a third of prisoners and parolees are functionally illiterate while addiction treatment programs meant the reoffending rates were so high, around 60 per cent.

He said this election would be dominated by major parties who are telling the country how important it was to get in the black, yet is spending $50 billion on 12 French submarines that will be obsolete before they even hit the water.

Speaking at today’s launch Sex Party co-founder and Victorian Upper House MP Fiona Patten said her victory 18 months ago was proof the minor parties could get in and make a difference.
She also noted while the name could be jarring with voters, it meant the party which was “socially progressive but economically prudent would be remembered.
She also said their policies on things such as drug reform and same sex marriage were actually not that extreme.
While not yet revealing its policy on housing affordability, Ms Patten said the party wanted to see changes made to negative gearing which were “a massive rort.
She also said religious institutions needed to be more transparent and their earnings, which she estimated to be around $3 billion, should be taxed like everyone else.
“We are not targeting charities, she said.
“We just want religious institutions to be more transparent.
She also said taxpayers being stuck with the compensation bill for victims of sexual abuse was outrageous.
“The Catholic Church says it cannot afford to pay victims of sexual abuse, so taxpayers are paying for the crimes of the church, she said.
“I find that just abhorrent.
She also revealed the party would like to see an end to offshore processing which costs an estimated $4 billion a year.
Instead she said it would work out far cheaper to double the refugee intake from 13,500 a year and process them onshore where they could work and pay their way.
Denying it would “open the flood gates Ms Patten said her party was against anyone being locked up when they had committed no crime.
Ms Patten also said the party would not be preferencing the Greens which she felt had made it harder for parties like hers to win votes.
Instead preferences will likely go to Labor.

Sex Party founder Robbie Swan said it was clear his party could no longer be regarded as just one based around sex.
He said the fact that it also had two other candidates, both doctors, also vying for Senate seats proved the party had matured and represented “real change.
Mr Swan also criticised the nanny state Australia had become and the hypocrisy of our drug laws.
He said he would like to see recreational marijuana use placed in the same category as alcohol.
“It’s time to replace hypocrisy with genuine drug reform and debate, he said.
Debra Killable
news.com.au May 11, 2016

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