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Gerard Henderson and Ross Fitzgerald

10 June 2016 One Comment


Early in the week Professor Ross Fitzgerald , Hendo’s friend and (male) co-owner of Maddie , issued a call-out inviting all supporters of the Australia Sex Party to tell the world that two Catholic nuns had defaced a ASP poster in Collingwood. This led to a correspondence between the two blokes on the ASP’s attitudes to Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Here we go:

Ross Fitzgerald to Gerard Henderson , 4 June 2016

Nuns defacing Sex Party poster.

Please spread the word!


Catholic archdiocese defends nuns defacing Sex Party poster
The Catholic archdiocese of Melbourne has defended the Missionaries of Charity after a photograph emerged purporting to show two nuns from the order defacing a Sex Party poster calling for the church to be taxed and marijuana to be legalised.

The party’s leader, Fiona Patten, said the pair seemed “hell-bent on tearing down the words “tax the church from a pole in Collingwood. “Our policy to tax the church is fair and reasonable, especially where it applies to the church’s profit-making businesses, she said on Friday. “If the nuns would like to visit me and confess, that will be an end to it.

The Sex Party said it had confirmed the women were nuns from the Missionaries of Charity. An image of the women was posted on Instagram two days ago and the Sex Party released it and another photograph to the media on Friday.

The Catholic archdiocese of Melbourne’s media and communications director, Shane Healy, said interfering with election posters could not be condoned. “[But] no one should be at all surprised that sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, established by Mother Teresa of Calcutta to feed and support the poorest of the poor, would be taking offence at the policies of the Sex Party, he said.

During the last New South Wales election, Sex Party signs were removed from a church that was being used as a polling booth, reportedly because church workers believed they were the work of the devil. The Missionaries of Charity have been contacted for comment.

The Guardian, June 4, 2016

Gerard Henderson to Ross Fitzgerald , 6 June 2016


Lotsa thanks for your “Nuns defacing Sex Party poster: Please spread the word.

I’m not too sure to whom I should “spread the word about this heinous crime , since The Guardian is already on the case. And rightly so.

Here we have two Missionaries of Charity nuns , apparently of Indian birth , defacing a Sex Party of Australia’s “Tax the Church poster. In Collingwood, no less.

How shocking. Surely there has been no worse crime in the Sandalista Land of Collingwood or Fitzroy or Brunswick this century.

No wonder Sex Party supremo Ms Fiona Patten MP is all steamed up about this outrage and demanding an apology.

In my view the nuns, if apprehended, should get 5 years with hard labour. Sure, this will stop them from tending to the poor, the homeless and the sick (including AIDS sufferers). However, perhaps Fiona and your good self could take over the duties of the Missionaries of Charity in this instance , after all it would only be for half a decade. I’m sure Ms Patten and Professor Fitzgerald could do a great job cleaning up the vomit (of others).

As to the taxing of the Catholic Church , well, why stop there? Why not tax the Rationalist Society, World Vision and 1 Million Women as well? And when will the Australian Sex Party put up a “Tax the Mosque poster in, say, Lakemba? Over to you.

Best wishes


Gerard Henderson

Ross Fitzgerald to Gerard Henderson , 6 June 2016

Thanks for your email Bro.

And thanks very much for arranging tomorrows Fred Nile v Ross Fitzgerald function at The Sydney Institute. It could be a lively night!

Without wishing to sound like St Teresa, as a sober member of Alcoholic’s Anonymous for over 46 years, I’ve spent a bit (if not a lot) of time cleaning up other people’s blood and vomit , both at AA meetings and sometimes in potential member’s homes!

Re the taxing of the Catholic Church , I definitely don’t stop there. As the Australian Sex Party’s lead Senate candidate for NSW, I advocate that all religious institutions , Christian and non-Christian , should be taxed….not just churches. This includes taxing all Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and other religious Institutions which run profit-making businesses.

And why should secular businesses like Dick Smith Foods have to pay the tax that a religiously-connected business such as Sanitarium doesn’t have to pay?

Please tell my second favourite dog Nancy that, as always, this reply is on the record too

Fond regards


(Prof Ross Fitzgerald)

Gerard Henderson to Ross Fitzgerald , 6 June 2016


Thanks for your note.

Good to hear that you are an out-and-proud vomit mop-up kind of guy. But is Fiona Patten MP?

As to the Australia Sex Party’s bunting in Collingwood , the defacing of which so upset Madam Patten , it only said “Tax the Church. There was no reference to temples or mosques. Perhaps the ASP will put up some of these as well. We shall see. As I suggested, why not start in Lakemba with a “Tax the Mosque poster?

As I understand it, the mainstream Christian churches do not manufacture breakfast cereal foods like the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Perhaps you might get one of Fiona Patten MP’s researchers to provide the name of any Christian Church that runs a business outside the hospital or education or health or retirement sectors. The fact is that most not-for-profit organisations do not pay company tax on the income from funds invested , not just churches. So why not tax the Rationalist Society , it seems rational from the ASP’s position.

As Nancy’s (female) co-owner has pointed out to you, the Catholic Church has saved the state literally billions of dollars over the decades by providing education, health and welfare services to the poorest of the poor. There is no record of the Rationalist Society or the Humanist Society making similar contributions. They just preach about the evils of religion.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Keep morale high.


Ross Fitzgerald to Gerard Henderson , 7 June 2016

Thanks Bro.

Off the top of my head, I think that Hillsong Church is a prime example of a Christian institution that makes a poultice[sic] of money selling merchandise, including clothes etc in much the same way that football clubs do.

I have just asked Robbie Swan if he can provide the names of any other Christian Church that runs a business outside the hospital or education or health or retirement sectors.

I am looking forwards to seeing you & Anne tomorrow.

Fond regards,

Redfernross , it seems rational from the ASP’s position.

Gerard Henderson to Ross Fitzgerald , 10 June 2016


Thanks for your note.

I’m no Hillsong fan. But I don’t see why a not-for-profit religious organisation should pay tax if a not-for-profit secular organisation is tax exempt.

By the way, Robbie Swan did not get back to me. Perhaps he has other matters on his mind.

That was a good performance at the Sydney Institute on Tuesday.

Keep moral high.


From Gerard Henderson’s Media WatchDog, June 10, 2016

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  • Gerard Henderson said:

    PM’s Literary Awards

    In his article on the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards (Spectrum, 10/7), Colin Steele referred to the “elderly panel for the History and Non-fiction awards”. In fact, three of the four members are younger than him. He also asserted the panel does not contain well qualified historians. Two judges (Professor Ross Fitzgerald and myself) have PhDs along with well reviewed history books. Dr Ida Lichter is a psychiatrist who brings medical and scientific skills to the panel. Peter Coleman is a former editor of The Bulletin and a highly regarded writer and reviewer. For the record, panel members received a very small honorarium for a very large amount of work.

    Gerard Henderson, chair, Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for History and Non-Fiction

    The Age, June 18 2016

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