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[26 Mar 2018 | One Comment | 227 views ]

Malcolm Turnbull is a single Newspoll away from failing the leadership test he himself set. “We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row,” he said on the day of the coup that toppled prime minister Tony Abbott. “It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership.”
If losing 30 Newspolls disqualified Abbott, it disqualifies Turnbull too. If the Prime Minister keeps his job, it will be because no one is stalking him in the way that he stalked the man he deposed.
These days Turnbull says …

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[16 Mar 2018 | No Comment | 210 views ]

Review of ‘Fighting the Kaiserreich:
Australia’s epic within the Great War’
by Bruce Gaunson
Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne
pp 526, $35.
One hundred years on we still haven’t fully come to grips with World War I. But now that we’ve reached the centenary of 1918 it’s well and truly time to celebrate Australia’s valiant and intrepid struggle against the German empire (Kaiserreich) in the conflict we know as the Great War.
This epic battle of the volunteers of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) who went up against seasoned German troops was the most formidable campaign …

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[8 Mar 2018 | No Comment | 545 views ]

Malcolm is fast approaching his own ‘me too’ moment.
Back in 2009, when Malcolm Turnbull lost the federal Liberal leadership, the feisty Bronwyn Bishop said that the members had ‘lent’ Mr Turnbull the party but now they wanted it back. The big question, with Turnbull having lost his 28th Newspoll and with 30 straight losses looming four Mondays hence, is who will call time on this failed prime minister?
To justify his anti-Abbott coup, Turnbull cited his predecessor’s loss of 30 successive Newpolls as clear …

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[3 Mar 2018 | No Comment | 135 views ]

‘The Boy from Baradine’
By Craig Emerson
Scribe, 368pp, $35
I wish I had known more of Craig Emerson’s backstory when I first met him. It would have explained so much.
In the early 1990s we were both living in Brisbane, and although we were not mates I did come to know him when he was the powerful and sometimes ruthless director-general of the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage. Back then I wasn’t aware of his passionate, emotional and varied background. The story revealed in this highly personal memoir, ‘The …