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[26 Jul 2018 | One Comment | 149 views ]

by Ross Fitzgerald
When the elites ignore the electorate, a vacuum will form
Among political insiders, I detect some relief that the two-party-preferred Newspoll gap between the Turnbull government and the Shorten opposition has narrowed and a sense that a comforting normalcy may be returning to our politics.
Unlike the Liberal Party base, insiders quite like the current federal government because it doesn’t challenge centre-left orthodoxies the way the Howard government did and the way the Abbott government did to an even greater extent. That’s …

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[11 Jul 2018 | No Comment | 82 views ]

Australians confront a grim choice: a purported conservative who is nothing of the kind and an unctuously insincere main-chancer who makes the skin crawl. Labor doesn’t deserve to win and the Liberals deserve to lose, but one party will — and the country will go right on being stiffed and stuffed
The federal government’s GST plan, to give the states more money but not to redesign a bad system, shows how degraded Australian public life has become. At …