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[16 Feb 2018 | No Comment | 120 views ]

John Curtin’s War, Volume 1
John Edwards
Viking $49.99
Review by Ross Fitzgerald
People have different ideas about turning points in our history. I would argue that John Curtin’s leadership during the Pacific War was pivotal. Gallipoli is a legend, the Western Front is important and Federation in 1901 is crucial but, as with John Edwards in his most recent book, I think it’s the ALP’s John Curtin who really helped secure our future.
On October 7, 1941, a mere eight weeks before Japan launched its war in the Pacific, Curtin became Australia’s 14th …

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[8 Feb 2018 | No Comment | 152 views ]

To stay or go?
Senator Lucy Gichuhi’s decision to sit with the Liberal Party is a small but important step militating against the fragmentation of centre-right politics. She’s obviously decided that she can achieve more as part of a government or potential government than as a lone or isolated voice crying in the wilderness. For Malcolm Turnbull, this is the sort of consolidation he’d like: a new MP that should make it slightly easier for him to get legislation through the Senate. The question, though, is how much unity …

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[5 Feb 2018 | No Comment | 325 views ]

Professor Dr Grafton Everest’s latest outrageous entertainment takes us to London and New York after a series of hilarious meanderings in the land of Oz.
So Far, So Good centres on our hapless professor’s obsession with food and fame; his relationship with his increasingly independent wife Janet; their wayward (and soon to be married) daughter Lee-Anne; and his much-loved terrier Maddie.
This cleverly plotted satire exposes the sad state of universities and of what now passes for politics in the West. Our obsession with technology, our fear of outsiders and our distrust …