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[29 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 186 views ]

‘So Far, So Good : An Entertainment’
ISBN 978-1-925272-97-0. $22.95.
The new Grafton Everest adventure ‘SO FAR, SO GOOD, which is released on May 1 2018, centres on our hapless professor’s obsession with food and fame; his relationship with his increasingly independent wife Janet; their wayward (and soon to be married) daughter Lee-Anne; and his much-loved terrier Maddie.
This cleverly plotted satire exposes the sad state of universities and of what now passes for politics in the West. Our obsession with technology, our …

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[23 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 90 views ]

It’s become conventional wisdom that the Abbott-Turnbull contest is the Liberals’ version of Rudd versus Gillard and a key question is whether the Liberals might complete the parallel by restoring Tony Abbott or installing another conservative to save the furniture at the next election.
But there is a more instructive parallel that turned out to have a different ending. Today’s Abbott-Turnbull rivalry has at least as much in common with that between John Howard and Andrew Peacock …

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[21 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 103 views ]

‘Pompey Elliott at War: In His Own Words’
By Ross McMullin
Scribe, 524pp, $59.99 (HB)
Ross McMullin’s new book reveals the inner life of one of our most illustrious warriors, mainly through his own writings. Pompey Elliot was a soldier’s soldier and McMullin believes more Australians should know about him.
McMullin published an award-winning bio­graphy of Elliott in 2002. Now he has gathered the wartime letters and diaries of this fighting general to let him tell his own story.
Victoria-born Harold Edward Elliott (1878-1931) studied law at the University …

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[7 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 110 views ]

‘A Life of Purpose: A Biography of John Sulman’
By Zeny Edwards
Longueville Media, 372pp, $59.95 (HB)
The Archibald Prize for portraiture makes headlines every year, but at the same time we also hear, less loudly, about the Sulman Prize for the best genre painting, subject painting or mural by an Australian artist.
The prize, established at the bequest of architect, artist, town planner, public intellectual and polemicist John Sulman (1849-1934), was first awarded in 1936. Yet despite its longevity few today …

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[5 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 85 views ]

It’s time to legalise vaping
In 2003 Hon Lik, a Beijing pharmacist, developed an electronic cigarette which attracted interest from industry. Decades before, Hon Lik had become a heavily addicted smoker after authorities banished him to the countryside. All his attempts to quit smoking failed. Hon Lik knew that it was the nicotine in the cigarettes that had kept him smoking but it was the tar in cigarette smoke that would eventually kill him. A pharmacist and gifted technician, …