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[27 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 210 views ]


Given the life-saving work of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA should be regarded as an essential service and its meetings still be open to its members.

Otherwise many alcoholics and other addicts will get back on the booze and drugs.

Surely members being able to attend  meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is of more importance than being allowed to attend the hairdresser!
Professor Ross Fitzgerald, Redfern
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney),
27 March, 2020, Letters, p 70

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[20 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 119 views ]

Missing William Tyrrell
By Caroline Overington. HarperCollins, 304pp, $34.99
In ‘Missing William Tyrrell’, journalist and author Caroline Overington provides a series of compelling questions and answers regarding the most infamous recent case of a child who seems to have simply vanished. In doing so, she has produced her best book yet. The disappearance of three-year-old William, on the morning of September 12, 2014, from a quiet street in the mid-north-coast NSW village of Kendall is one of Australia’s most baffling and harrowing mysteries.

The boy was last seen playing in …

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[20 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 120 views ]

Here is the text of  Phil Brown’s review, which accompanies a photo of the books’ front cover.

By Ross Fitzgerald
Hybrid Publishers:Melbourne , $27.50
by Phil Brown.

First a disclaimer: the author is a friend of mine and I get a mention in the book.
Now that’s out of the way I want to recommend this updated version of Ross Fitzgerald’s entertaining and sobering (pardon the pun) memoir.

It’s a cautionary and edifying tale of a life lived sober, mostly.

The author’s battle with alcoholism and his long sobriety thanks to …

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[14 Mar 2020 | No Comment | 74 views ]

Book Review
Party Animals: The Secret History of a Labor Fiasco
By Samantha Maiden.Viking, 314pp, $34.99
Samantha Maiden is the latest of four journalists — the other three being Niki Savva, David Crowe and Aaron Patrick — who have written books about the 2019 federal election.

Like Bill Shorten and most of his frontbench, Savva and Crowe had assumed the ALP was a shoo-in. Hence after the May 18 result each had to change the title of their books.
Instead of ‘Highway to Hell: The Coup that Destroyed ­Malcolm Turnbull and Left the …

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[25 Jan 2020 | No Comment | 144 views ]

The Basis of Everything: Rutherford, Oliphant and the Coming of the Atomic Bomb
By Andrew Ramsey. HarperCollins, 384pp, $39.99
Probing the secrets of the universe sounds like a noble endeavour but when the result is a world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons it makes you wonder. This book tells the compelling story of two friends, two devoted scientists born and educated at opposite ends of the British Empire, who helped bring humanity to the brink, albeit unknowingly at first. These intellectual heavyweights were Ernest Rutherford, the …

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[28 Dec 2019 | No Comment | 99 views ]

A satirical ascendance to The Heights of silliness
The Dizzying Heights
Ross Fitzgerald and Ian McFadyen
Hybrid, 248pp, $24.99
review by Ed Wright

Detail of The Dizzying Heights, by Ross Fitzgerald and Ian McFadyen.

The Dizzying Heights, the seventh in Ross Fitzgerald’s Grafton Everest series, begins with Grafton examining his penis in the mirror through the lens of its (and his) senescence. It’s a curiously blunt self-examination, exacerbated by a failure of focus that provides a counterpoint for the far more whimsical satirical confection that follows, a political romp that thoroughly disavows itself of the restrictions …

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[21 Dec 2019 | No Comment | 126 views ]

Project Rainfall: The Secret History of Pine Gap
Tom Gilling
Allen&Unwin, 306pp, $32.99

Pine Gap just outside Alice Springs, arguably Australia’s most secret place.

At the height of the Cold War in 1966, at a remote site in central Australia, three operatives from the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology met the head of the Scientific Intelligence Group of Australia’s Joint Intelligence Bureau. This meeting celebrated the beginnings of a top-secret ­project known in US intelligence ­circles as Rainfall.

Pine Gap is the commonly used name for the pivotal US satellite surveillance station …

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[23 Nov 2019 | No Comment | 119 views ]

Convict Colony
By David Hill. Allen & Unwin, 369pp, $32.99
Why are convicts so much more interesting than respectable folk? Being related to one of the poor sods who was transported to the early colony is a badge of honour now, which is just one of the reasons David Hill’s latest book is so fascinating.

‘Convict Colony’ is a well-researched and clearly expressed populist history of early British Australia. In it, Hill, author of the bestselling ‘1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet’, concentrates on colonial Sydney to chronicle …

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[15 Nov 2019 | No Comment | 110 views ]

Review of Ross Fitzgerald & Ian McFadyen, THE DIZZYING HEIGHTS, Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne, $24.99

   Culture Club by Phil Brown

It’s not often that an author apologises for writing a book. Frankly I think there should be more of it, considering some of the dross which crosses my desk.
The apology in this case was by comedian and writer Ian McFadyen and was also on behalf of his co-author, the historian and author Professor Ross Fitzgerald.
They are the authors of the newly released novel ‘The Dizzying Heights’, the seventh in Fitzgerald’s landmark satirical …

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[9 Nov 2019 | No Comment | 131 views ]

Bjelke Blues: Stories of Repression and Resistance in Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s Queensland
Edited by Edwina Shaw. AndAlso Books, 256pp, $30
   They say you should never forget where you came from. Maybe add this: never forget what happened there. Those of us who lived through the regime of a certain Queensland premier have those years indelibly printed not only on our memory but on our psyche.

It is important not to forget just how vicious and corrupt was the authoritarian regime of the “Hillbilly Dictator”, Johannes Bjelke-Petersen. From 1968 to 1987 …

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[1 Nov 2019 | No Comment | 115 views ]

Australian Books
The Dizzying Heights
Ross Fitzgerald and Ian McFadyen
Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne.
ISBN No: 978-1-925736-30-4 
pp. 248, $24.99.
Review by Neal Price
Ross Fitzgerald and Ian McFadyen’s previous collaboration Going Out Backwards: A Grafton Everest Adventure was shortlisted for the 2017 Russell Prize for Humour Writing.  The Dizzying Heights now carries the bumbling anti-hero Professor Dr Grafton Everest to new heights and previously unimagined depths.
The Dizzying Heights is Fitzgerald and McFadyen’s second novel together. In a post Donald Trump era, it paints a disturbingly contemporaneous view of Australian and American friendship that tips its hat to George Orwell but is a distinctly Antipodean comedy thriller. It’s truly …